Star Kayak Sails

Star Kayak rig takes to the ocean for the first time. Elizabeth Beach, Great Lakes area, NSW

First time to try the ocean. Hooked instantly. Perfect conditions. About 6 knots of wind and a .8m swell. Rig handling well, only problem was the yak was taking on water fast and had to scurry back before we sank. Found the problem. "So sorry very cheap kayak" lets on water through seat well. Design fault where the bottle holder bungee is located via 2 holes that lets in water real fast. Both seat wells and I estimated about 1lt per minute. How on earth could these yaks be used I have no idea, but problem easily fixed with a spot of silicone. Looking forward to next outing and me thinks some outriggers. sail kit fitted to a fishing kayak. The kit also fits directly onto a Hobie mirage range. Go to or email or call me on 61(0)431210409 for latest deals and prices. Works perfectly on a canoe as well. Great way to learn how to sail safely and easily. Fun for all the family. Comes with a comprehensive guide on "how to sail". Contact us for more information and advice.}

Kayak sail capsized present sailing in a gusty 20knots, complete with capsising and recovery. Well reefed in and sailing solo in the tandem kayak. The purpose of this sail was to check how the extra batten near the clew helped clean the sail under load, which it does very nicely.

StarKayakSails Sydney Harbour present sailing on Sydney Harbour. Bit gusty and plenty of big boats around, so I kept the sail well reefed in to ensure no mishaps. Since making this vid I have added a small batten near the clue that keeps the sail much cleaner under higher loads.

Star Kayak Sail universal fitting kit maiden voyage present the new universal fitting kit. Maiden voyage, fitted to a "no name we make cheap copy but use not good kayak to copy so sorry brand". It looks like a copy of a "seak tandem" which has a reputation for being difficult to steer. Picked it up cheap so we could use as a research vessel. We fitted a rudder - note the rudder bar on the outfit. Lee boards worked a charm and easily trimmed to keep a neutral rudder.

kayak sail assembly update

Updated vid showing the Easy Furl assembly and the changes to the assembly.

Star Kayak Sail Easy Furl system demo

Demo of the recent breakthrough of the Easy Furl system. Very easy to use, works even when under load. Furls very cleanly and tight so very little windage.

Giant Star sail fitted to a Hobie Rev sailing in light 5 knot wind

Big is beautiful. The 3.5m sq Giant Star specifically cut to fit the standard Hobie mast that comes with the sail kit. Complete kits with masts available and custom sail designs. Contact

STAR Kayak sail kit Giant Star 3.5 m sq in 5 knot wind

Star Kayak Sail Giant Star on a Hobie Rev in 5 knots. Contact Super large sail fitted to existing Hobie sail kit mast with small extension. Standard Star is 2.4m sq and small Star 1.9m sq and the Dwarf Star 1.1m sq. Sails and kits made to order. Custom design undertaken.

Star Kayak Sail assembly instructions

The S.T.A.R. kayak sail kit assembly instructions.

Star Kayak Sail movie

Sailing the Star Kayak Sail.